Crane is a Docker orchestration tool similar to Docker Compose
with extra features and ultra-fast bind-mounts on Mac.


The current version of Crane can be retrieved with the version command. At the same time, this command checks for updates unless the --no-check flag is passed.

In addition, Crane automatically checks for updates once every two weeks. Only anonymous information, which cannot be used to identify the user or host, is sent to the endpoint The full source code of the client code is available for inspection on GitHub.

Information about new versions, when to check again and the anonymous UUID are stored in a settings file which is created the first time Crane is used. This config.json file is located at %APPDATA%\\crane on Windows systems and at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/crane (which typically is $HOME/.config/crane) on Unix systems. You can choose a different folder by setting the environment variable CRANE_SETTINGS_PATH.

If you want to disable update checking completely, the settings file allows you to do so by changing "check_for_updates": true to "check_for_updates": false.

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